As previously mentioned, I am writing a book about coffee tasting on behalf of an entrepreneurship project for school. Even though I haven’t fully committed to carrying out the project, yet, I sat down to write a few pages on one of the early chapters of the book, to pitch my idea. I hereby, as promised, present a preview part of that chapter called ‘Calibrate Your Palate‘. The chapter aims to educate the taster about our five basic tastes, other aspects of taste and flavor, how they relate to coffee, and how you can train yourself to understand them. From the details contained within each section the goal is then to introduce a methodology for the purpose of coffee tasting.


Note that the chapter is in a very premature stage. As of now, I haven’t even had time to proofread what I’ve written. Here are some of the points I might need assistance as I continue my writing:

  • English is my second language. Any  grammatical corrections that improve the quality of the text.
  • Anyone new to sensorial analysis, is anything unclear so far?
  • Coffee nerds, chemists, and others: is any of the written information inaccurate?
  • What am I missing? Are there other viewpoints I might need to cover?

I would appreciate any help that I can get. Feel free to contact me through the comment section or on Facebook.

Here is the link to ‘Calibrate Your Palate’.